FTM eCommerce V 2.3.2 Released

The latest Version of FTM eCommerce has been released as Version 2.3.2.  This release includes several bug fixes and additional features with an eye toward making larger volumes of products easier to handle.

Version 2.3.2 Release Date October 2011

  • ADMIN - Added UPS Worldship Export - CSV and XML Auto Import capabilities.
  • ADMIN - Added new product/category selector window (tree view) for coupon administration
  • ADMIN - Added a warning to the admin screen that the site has been taken down for maintenance that stays in place until the site has been returned for public viewing.
  • ADMIN - Added weight to product preview on Categories Page
  • ADMIN - fixed bug for QTY box in the x-sell module on master pages.
  • FEATURE - Competitor X-Ref. Added a transparent competitor part number cross reference search field. Enter a competitors part number into the field, and the product will show when a customer searches the comp # in the using search box. The customer will not see the xref numbers
  • Updated Austrailian State Code to 2 character standard from 3 character to accomodate new Fed Ex Web Services module.
  • FEATURE - Added Fed Ex Web Services Shipping Module which will replace old module whose services will expire in June 2011.
  • ADMIN - added ability to skip product preview when inserting a new or editing a product.
  • ADMIN - added a configuration value to determine if you want the product edit screen to display the preview on save by default
  • ADMIN - fixed image link browser in the WYSWYG editor
  • FEATURE - Added ability to enter and process a 0 value coupon.
  • ADMIN - improved product and category restriction selection in coupon admin
  • ADMIN - EasyPopulate updated to include: Specials, Cross Sell, Improved SPPC, and inclusion of Quantity Price Breaks.
  • ADMIN - Quick Updates added color coded highlighting to define master and slaves more easily
  • ADMIN - Quicl Updates Fixed bug that would strip leading 0's from UPC codes.
  • ADMIN - Removed SetFocus so that pages wouldn;'t automatically jump to the bottom of a page on long lists
  • ADMIN - Added Availability field to Google Products Feeder
  • ADMIN - Updated all text editors in admin to the new CKeditor.
  • FEATURE - Added version