About us

FourMat Technologies, Inc was founded in 1999 with an eye toward providing quality IT consulting and web design services for motorsports oriented and small businesses.  We know that, for a small business, cost is a major concern, so we always take that into consideration when recommending a design strategy or a service.  Over the years we have developed a wide range of capabilites to meet the needs and requests of our customers.  From Web Hosting, to Photographic and Print Services, we have always tried to accommodate the changing face of the internet and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

In recent years we have put a major focus on internet marketing and advertising.  In this day in age, it's not enough to just have a web site.  Competition for eyeballs is fierce and it takes knowledge and skills to bring people, to your web site.  


  • ArmorLid
  • Automotive Specialists
  • Central Carolina Cycling Club
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  • eCIO Solutions
  • EMI Supply, Inc
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  • Kannapolis Charters & Tours
  • The Mold Hunter
  • Olde South Trolleys
  • Punchys Tire and Wheel
  • Raptor Series
  • Richardson Racing Products
  • Sunway Charters and Tours
  • Universal Learning Centre